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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Susan Thur

Susan Thur

Independence of Oil Myth-Video - 0 views

    Independence of Oil Myth-Video
Susan Thur

t r u t h o u t | Ten Things That Terrify Right-Wingers - 0 views

    "These are some of the things that keep American
    conservatives awake at night.

    Modern American conservatism is based on an almost endless
    series of grievances. Author Thomas Frank coined a term for it: the conservative
    "plenty-plaint" -- a long and ever-evolving list of personal and cultural gripes
    dressed up as an ideology.

    But there's also fear! And while it spans the breadth of the
    movement, this is the year of the Tea Party revolt, when the grassroots right,
    disgusted with the idea of semi-affordable health-care and tepid financial
    reforms is rebelling against even its own establishment. And the divide between
    the grassroots base and its leadership extends to the very fears that animate
    them. As we'll see, the conservative movement's business-attired hacks and the
    hard-Right tea Party types waving misspelled signs out in the streets have some
    very different causes for alarm.

    So, here are ten of the most interesting things that absolutely
    terrify Wingnuttia. First, a few terrors of the real hard-core Right. For the
    Tea Partier, the midterm GOP primary voter, it's not just the anxiety over
    social change that typifies more traditional conservatism. A broad chunk of the
    GOP base today is animated by wildly unrealistic terrors -- monsters stalking
    them as the sun sets, perhaps hovering just beyond their peripheral vision."
Susan Thur

Michael Smerconish - On cable TV and talk radio, a push toward polarization - 0 views

    "Any conversation about political polarization would be incomplete without a
    look at the media's role in shaping opinions. From my view on the front lines, I
    have seen a rapid escalation of extreme dialogue -- sadly, something sure to
    guarantee high ratings. Indeed,
    Campbell Brown's departure from her CNN show
    last month marks
    another tombstone in the graveyard of moderate, thoughtful analysis."
Susan Thur

Paul Starobin - Don't expect Obama to be Superman - 0 views

    Why can't President Obama stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Why can't he get the Israelis and Palestinians to stop squabbling and make peace? Why can't he get the Europeans to contribute more troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan? Why can't he forge a global treaty to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases?

    Why can't he . . . well, you get the point. Obama, it turns out, is not Superman.
Susan Thur

No movie plot twist appears for oil miracle - - 0 views

    What can Obama do?

    "He probably can and should do more to assuage the anxiety of those in the way of the oil," said Langston. "It's just symbolism, but symbolic leadership matters, and people like to be reassured that the president cares about the things they care about, and about them."

    . . . . . . .

Susan Thur

Forget Offshore Drilling Until We Get Some Answers | The New Republic - 0 views

    While it may take months to stop the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it's not too soon to begin asking some questions about why it happened and what can be done to minimize the chance that something like this will happen again. Thanks to The Wall Street Journal's terrific reporting last week, there are two important things we already know
Susan Thur

Louisianans bleed Together, Louisianans suffer Together, Louisianans survive ... - 0 views


    Another tragedy is unfolding. Another One!, I scream irately and angrily to the heavens.
    How can this be? How unfair and how are we going to, now, survive this, I desperately ask.

    I know here in New Orleans, where I now live (Crowley, Cajun country originally) we have had our share of hardship and difficulties. Many of us frighten, despaired and overwhelmed what we experienced nearing 5 years ago. Hurricane Katrina's anniversary is in August. And Hurricane Rita gust in without much delay, giving Louisiana no break or rest. It seems barley enough time to catch our breath, even though we sweat it out every hurricane season since. The experience of the "big one" has left many of us edgy, anxious and nervous. It has been a challenge for us all.

    Now here is once more another challenge. The oil spill in the gulf that threatens our, ecosystem, shoreline and seafood industries. For many of us, our distress are concentrated on our wetlands which have become more defenseless by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. I recognize I have. For us to undergo another "big one" our coast is the first line of defense to our survival. Ever since these potential, massive hurricanes, my intense coastal and wetland focus has been like a laser, zeroing on which is most important for Southern Louisiana's continued existence.

    However, the health and wellbeing for our future lies right now with-- us-- which are our local oil field experts and workers. The men on these oil rigs, the ones that will--and I have confidence--will plug the blowout and stop the damage--the bleeding--they are US.
    They are family and friends, mutual Louisiana citizens, who are well aware how important their job is, for us as well as for themselves and their family.

    Much is at stake to our livelihood, our environment and our way of life.
Susan Thur

Language: A Key Mechanism of Control/Newt Gingrich's 1996 GOPAC memo - 0 views

    list of attack words to be used against democrats and positive ones to be used for republicans... sort of a "training" memo to train republicans through "years of practice" to learn to 'speak like newt.' read the text below. a how-to manual on negative campaigning
Susan Thur

American Majority: Part the astroturf to see what's underneath | Crooks and Liars - 0 views

    What do you do when you live in Kansas, are the twin sons of disgraced Kansas Congressman Jim Ryun and you have access to a whole lot of money? What else? Start a non-profit organization to raise up a 'grassroots army'.

    Meet American Majority, the newest right wing non-profit on the block. If you actually click that link you'll get a big overlay asking "Do you want your country back?" American Majority was born in 2008 (keep that date in mind), and its stated purpose is as follows:

    American Majority, Inc.s' purpose is to create a national political training institute dedicated to recruiting, identifying, training and mentoring potential political leaders.
Susan Thur

TV Guide Magazine | News | Is TV Starting a New Civil War? - 0 views

    "In a U.S. torn by dissent over health care, immigration and Barack Obama,
    rhetorical rage is the new norm. Just turn on Fox News and MSNBC. Partisan
    talkers like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity on the conservative-leaning FNC and
    Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz on their liberal counterpart MSNBC inflame their
    eager fans with colorful, merciless and sometimes misleading attacks on the
    A generation ago, no matter how divided their politics,
    Americans got their news from the same source-"the lame stream media," to quote
    Fox contributor Sarah Palin. Almost the entire country was watching back in 1968
    when CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite declared the Vietnam War not winnable. Four
    years later, he was deemed the most trusted man in America."
Susan Thur

Bank Reform News | Obama Bank Reform Bill - - 0 views


    You don't know Orwellian until you know Frank Luntz
    The guy who told the GOP to brand financial reform a "bailout"? Every word he speaks seems to be a lie

    The guy who told the GOP to brand financial reform a "bailout"?
    Every word he speaks seems to be a lie"
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