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The art of anger: how underground comics are inspiring the Occupy movement | World news... - 0 views

    The art of anger: how underground comics are inspiring the Occupy movement
    Posters and graphics for the Occupy movement draw their inspiration from vintage socialist art and present-day comic books
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Messages from the Occupy Wall Street Protest - YouTube - 0 views

    Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning
    Joe Rogan on Occupy Wallstreet:
    Network -- Corporate Cosmology:
    THE CORPORATION [1/23] What is a Corporation?:
    What CNN doesn't want you see ever again:
    Poll: Americans Distrust Government
    Elizabeth Warren: Death of the Middle Class
    Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air:
    Network - Mad as hell
    In the House, In a Heartbeat - John Murphy: & Politics
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A Framing Memo for Occupy Wall Street - 0 views

    It seems to me that the OWS movement is moral in nature, that occupiers want the country to change its moral focus. It is easy to find useful policies; hundreds have been suggested. It is harder to find a moral focus and stick to it. If the movement is to frame itself, it should be on the basis of its moral focus, not a particular agenda or list of policy demands. If the moral focus of America changes, new people will be elected and the policies will follow. Without a change of moral focus, the conservative worldview that has brought us to the present disastrous and dangerous moment will continue to prevail.
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