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Alexis Krysten

ICT in my Classroom - 1 views

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        Tom Barretts, reflective blog on how hes been inspired to use the classic game 'Myst' in his year 5 classroom as a literacy task. Fanstatic practical guide
      Pat Wagner

      IS 339 Presents Dot-to-Dot, a Global Learning Reception - 1 views

      shared by Pat Wagner on 25 May 09 - Cached
        Dot-to-Dot will be hosted by IS 339 on June 9, 2009." /> This is a cached version of has no relation to the site.x   0
      alva12r michelle

      Give Google Advertising, Google Reklam Ajansı - 0 views

        Give Google Advertising To increase your number of customers with Google Adwords is no longer impossible In the Google Advertising of your choice, or get very little money you can set aside for export, and the city can no longer ensure that your ads run .. you should be ready to add to your old customers with Google Adwords . Because it is always possible to us. Caution! * giving Google ad you get ahead of your competitors in the first place . * New customers you get more comfortable and be aware of your presence. * At least spend with you will ensure the greatest return . * it will increase your turnover and profit increases in parallel.
      Scott Ashwell

      Using Google Earth Manuals | Digital Explorer - 0 views

        School Grounds Projects Using Google Tools All the information needed to carry out Digital Fieldwork in the school grounds. The manual is based around a 6 session project investigating any aspect of the school grounds and covers the following topics: digital photography, blogging, Google Earth, Google Maps, digital video, and project management.
      Pooja Runija

      How Google Tracks Your Every Movement? | Blog - 0 views

        Google is perhaps more than any other company that truly valued your information and known for its privacy inclination. But now with moving towards online world, Google is also interested in following you offline, because they understand the information is power and its proper usage can give them some more information also.
      Pooja Runija

      Apple and FireFox ditching Google as its default search engine - 0 views

        This is really an embarrassing week for Google due to some breakups with their partners. Few days back news came from Mozilla Firefox that from 2015 Yahoo will be their default search engine. Google has been the default search engine for Mozilla since 2004 but this time in the year of renewal Mozilla has decided to break the pact and chosen to go with Yahoo.
      Shan Mohammad

      What is Google Hummingbird? How does Google Hummingbird affect SEO? - 0 views

        Search algorithms are used by Google in order to sort out various web pages and other information contained in those web pages to get the best content out of them. Google introduced the new search algorithm 'Google Hummingbird' in the year 2013 to make virtual search interactions more human.
      Mashvibes Inc.

      How to submit your site or blog to Google webmaster Tool - 0 views

        Google Webmaster is a tool that gives us the chance to Submit your website/blog sitemap to Google so our blog can be easily and rapidly indexed in Google search engine. Once you have been able to submit your website sitemap, What Google does is to start sending bots to your website or blog and crawling your website or blog pages and posts.
      Pooja Runija

      Google modular phone, A new era of smartphone | Blog - 0 views

        Google project ara modular phone is a concept where a Smartphone made of different modules. All those modules can work independently and coordinate with the other modules.
      dean groom

      Finding Images Online - beyond Google - 0 views

        UK produced infomation sheet about helping students find images as visual literacy and not just Googling a world. Helps with visual planning and thinkinig. Can download this as PDF.
      Robinson Kipling

      Red Web Designs Google Adwords: - 1 views

      If you are still on to PPC Advertising, it instances to modify on Google Adwords. We provides Google Adwords services to the customers. We have an outstanding team and let our team get the opportun...

      education learning PBL web2.0 resources tools technology projectbasedlearning collaboration

      started by Robinson Kipling on 06 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
      Don Doehla

      How to use Google tools in Project-Based Learning - Daily Genius | Diigo - 0 views

        Great infographic on the workflow of PBL using Google Apps
      dean groom

      Agenda (Google Teacher Academy Resources) - 0 views

        The GTA sessions
      David Wetzel

      Investigating Natural Disasters Using Web 2.0 Tools - 14 views

        When word of a natural disaster is spreading from somewhere in the world or announced on the news, students can use Google Earth to conduct an investigation of the disaster's effect.
      Debbie Nichols

      The Newbie Guide to Google Search | Educational Technology Tips - 0 views

        I was surprised. I learned things from this article. It can be projected in class to teach students also.
      Pooja Runija

      How to use free apps as money maker? - 0 views

        Generating revenue from the free apps is not like dip and sip, once you developed an app, the next step is to submit it to the app store (Apple/Google Play/Windows). But a question always arises in your mind is "How much should my application price?" and therefore evaluate to keep it either free or paid can be difficult.
      Pooja Runija

      Are you ready for Android 5.0 lollipop ? - 0 views

        The largest and most ambitious release for Android yet! This release is packed with new features for users and thousand of business firms.Google keeps referring to Android 5.0 Lollipop as the biggest Android update yet, and for good reason.
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