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Michael Haltman

Aren't the politicians watching the polls? - 0 views

    Healthcare: At The Best 50% Approval, Now 38%
    Nothing means more to politicians than the polls. Polls are the lifeblood that let them know what they should be for, what they should be against and what they should stay away from. If some action is in the best interest of national security, but the polls say that public opinion is against it, most, not all, politicians will be swayed. This, despite the fact that popular opinion is not a reliable gauge of right and wrong, particularly when it comes down to facts that only politicians may be privy to...
William Green

78% Say All Americans Should Be Able To Buy The Health Insurance That Congres... - 0 views

    Seventy-eight percent (78%) of U.S. voters say every American should be allowed to purchase the same health insurance plan that members of Congress use.
David Corking

The Health Protection Agency is making a right pig's ear of this swine flu "pandemic" -... - 0 views

  • you’re right. I shouldn’t be thinking about eating the clinically obese.
    • David Corking
      I can't begin to express how angry this journalist James Delingpole has made me. For a start, he has conspiracy theories oozing from his pores.
  • [You've got chronic asthma, if you keep out of fumes and carry an inhaler you'll live another 5 years, if you get H1N1/A you're a goner!]
  • I thought (as directed by medical authorities) you weren’t suppose to take Tamiflu unless doctors were certain you had H1N1. That is because it isn’t effective until you have it. Isn’t that true?
David Corking

Parking charges Bristol Oncology Hospital | May 2009 | This is Bristol - 0 views

  • "Hospital parking fees are an unfair tax on the sick and vulnerable at a time when we really don't need the stress and hassle."

    Mr Cook added: "There was no advance notice that they were going to increase charges at all.

    Although there are 2 sides to this story, someone with a long term illness is unlikely to have much disposable income to spend on parking.
Peter Dearman

Mainstream Populist Democrats: Taiwan may provide a health care model for the U.S. - 0 views

    A National Public Radio profile from last year points out that Taiwan has one of the world's best health care systems and it is cost efficient too.

    All Things Considered, April 15, 2008 · At the end of the 20th century, Taiwan became a rich country, almost overnight. But it still had a poor country's health care - about half the population had no coverage at all. So Taiwan set out to design a national health care system from scratch. What makes Taiwan unique is the way the country figured out how to cover everyone.
    My first post here. Just joined. Live in Taiwan and can attest to the brilliance of the healthcare system here. It's a much better model than Canda. (And I'm a Canadian.)
alex thorn

Losing just one night's sleep makes brain prone to 'sudden shutdowns'| News | This is L... - 0 views

    Apparently, all-nighters are bad.
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