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rich hilts

First the FCC, Now the EPA Overreaches - 1 views

    ou guessed it.

    We've been waiting for this.

    Here comes King Kamehobama, down from his throne to bestow his munificence upon his subjects.

    He knows better. He knows the globe is warming with record cooling - it's a gut feeling you see.
rich hilts

New Omnibus Sneak Attack - 1 views

    That's right! Dirty Harry and his spendariffic crowd are back again with another bill to spend money where it is, in many cases not needed. But you won't know because the bill is too damn large to read..... again.
Michael Haltman

Aren't the politicians watching the polls? - 0 views

    Healthcare: At The Best 50% Approval, Now 38%
    Nothing means more to politicians than the polls. Polls are the lifeblood that let them know what they should be for, what they should be against and what they should stay away from. If some action is in the best interest of national security, but the polls say that public opinion is against it, most, not all, politicians will be swayed. This, despite the fact that popular opinion is not a reliable gauge of right and wrong, particularly when it comes down to facts that only politicians may be privy to...
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