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Tibor Katelbach

Changing Democracy With Code: A Word From The Developers - Political Memory - 1 views

  • Bridging the gap between politics and citizens
  • Changing Democracy With Code: A Word From The Developers
  • During an election
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  • help you make a choice
  • the political world and the citizen world, our world
  • They barely talk to each other and they hardly understand each other.
  • This situation is barely acceptable. Let’s be proactive citizens: how can we try to improve this?
  • The complexity of the system, as in “the political system is horribly complex, it’s hard for a citizen to really understand it”.
  • let’s say that we have coded it, and let’s call it our magic box.
  • Now, let’s use our magical box. We are asked to choose between several candidates, so let’s ask our box to tell us what it knows about them. Well here’s the catch: we end up with a mountain of data that we can barely understand. Complexity just hit us.
  • Complexity is annoying because we can’t solve it by coding.
  • Magic box + la Quadrature du Net’s voting recommendations = semi accurate concrete data on who represents me the best
  • Magic box + voting recommendation of all citizen groups that represent our interests = way more accurate concrete data of who represents me the best
  • In fact, what I want to see (and to build) in the future would be a website that allows me, and every citizen, to: Select a series of representatives I can vote for; Select a list of citizen groups that I personally trust to represent my interests; Decide if I want to give certain groups more weight to better represent my concerns and priorities (we could even imagine giving negative weight to citizen groups we dislike); And have in result concrete data on which I can rely to make my choice.
  • The best reward will come when elected representatives start realising that we actually know what they are doing and that their actions matters. Guess how they will change their behaviour.
  • What this magical box is offering you is a paradigm shift, a bridge between those two worlds for them to better understand each other and to work together again
  • Memopol is the magical box we are building. It’s time for us, citizens, to take back our role in politics.

Smart tourisme : grâce à l'open data, Lisbonne donne le pouvoir aux start-up…... - 0 views

  • Smart tourisme : grâce à l'open data, Lisbonne donne le pouvoir aux start-up… et aux visiteurs
  • CitySDK, un programme financé par la Commission européenne
  • D'abord en libérant des données – publiques et privées – dans des formats uniformisés, via des processus partagés, puis en créant des interfaces de programmation (API), mises à disposition de la communauté de développeurs.
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  • "Through my eyes", une application basée sur le crowdsourcing qui propose de découvrir la ville à travers le regard de ses visiteurs et de ses habitants.

Reddit - Dive into anything - 0 views

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