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Changing Democracy With Code: A Word From The Developers - Political Memory - 1 views

  • Bridging the gap between politics and citizens
  • Changing Democracy With Code: A Word From The Developers
  • During an election
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  • help you make a choice
  • the political world and the citizen world, our world
  • They barely talk to each other and they hardly understand each other.
  • This situation is barely acceptable. Let’s be proactive citizens: how can we try to improve this?
  • The complexity of the system, as in “the political system is horribly complex, it’s hard for a citizen to really understand it”.
  • let’s say that we have coded it, and let’s call it our magic box.
  • Now, let’s use our magical box. We are asked to choose between several candidates, so let’s ask our box to tell us what it knows about them. Well here’s the catch: we end up with a mountain of data that we can barely understand. Complexity just hit us.
  • Complexity is annoying because we can’t solve it by coding.
  • Magic box + la Quadrature du Net’s voting recommendations = semi accurate concrete data on who represents me the best
  • Magic box + voting recommendation of all citizen groups that represent our interests = way more accurate concrete data of who represents me the best
  • In fact, what I want to see (and to build) in the future would be a website that allows me, and every citizen, to: Select a series of representatives I can vote for; Select a list of citizen groups that I personally trust to represent my interests; Decide if I want to give certain groups more weight to better represent my concerns and priorities (we could even imagine giving negative weight to citizen groups we dislike); And have in result concrete data on which I can rely to make my choice.
  • The best reward will come when elected representatives start realising that we actually know what they are doing and that their actions matters. Guess how they will change their behaviour.
  • What this magical box is offering you is a paradigm shift, a bridge between those two worlds for them to better understand each other and to work together again
  • Memopol is the magical box we are building. It’s time for us, citizens, to take back our role in politics.

CA Syringe Filters Sterile and Non Sterile | Axiva - 0 views

    CA Syringe Filters (Cellulose Acetate) are for intended for biological solution, high loading capacity and low protein binding. Sterile and non sterile both category available at

LiquidFeedback - Interactive Democracy - 0 views

  • LiquidFeedback is an open-source software, powering internet platforms for proposition development and decision making.
  • direct referendum
  • Considering nobody has enough time and knowledge for every issue, votes can be delegated by topic
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  • Delegated or Proxy Voting.
  • Proposition development process
  • Preferential voting
  • Interactive Democracy
  • communication between an initiative and the voters
  • Initiatives shall get an idea how successful a proposition is likely to be and what to change in order to gain more support.
  • Likewise voters can try to influence propositions by their feedback or instigate a new initiative with an own proposition if they so wish.
  • very advanced voting system based on Cloneproof Schwartz Sequential Dropping (CSSD) also known as the Schulze method
  • new communication channel between voters and representatives
  • Political parties | Along with associations this is the original purpose of LiquidFeedback
  • Associations/NGOs | LiquidFeedback allows all members to participate not only in voting but also in developing ideas while board members understand what the majority really want and can make responsible decisions based on the “popular vote“
  • Government/Civic Participation | LiquidFeedback is an offer to participate in any question of particular interest to the individual citizen. People will participate if they think it makes sense and representatives at least acknowledge the will of the participants.
  • Constituency/Electoral District | Representatives can use LiquidFeedback as a commitment to their constituency to fullfill the promise of a  government of the people, by the people, for the people.
  • Economy/Corporations | Visionary boards are interested in unleashing the creativity of their employees. This use case takes a special position as there we are not talking about democratic systems. The board will have the last word and reliability of results can be subject to a risk assessment.

Collective Intelligence 2012 - 0 views

  • Collective intelligence has existed at least as long as humans have, because families, armies, countries, and companies have all--at least sometimes--acted collectively in ways that seem intelligent. But in the last decade or so a new kind of collective intelligence has emerged: groups of people and computers, connected by the Internet, collectively doing intelligent things. For example, Google technology harvests knowledge generated by millions of people creating and linking web pages and then uses this knowledge to answer queries in ways that often seem amazingly intelligent. Or in Wikipedia, thousands of people around the world have collectively created a very large and high quality intellectual product with almost no centralized control, and almost all as volunteers! These early examples of Internet-enabled collective intelligence are not the end of the story but just the beginning. And in order to understand the possibilities and constraints of these new kinds of intelligence, we need a new interdisciplinary field. Forming such a field is one of the goals of this conference.We seek papers about behavior that is both collective and intelligent. By collective, we mean groups of individual actors, including, for example, people, computational agents, and organizations. By intelligent, we mean that the collective behavior of the group exhibits characteristics such as, for example, perception, learning, judgment, or problem solving.

Exploring what open government means at Code for America Summit | - 1 views

  • It’s being open, inclusive, and collaborative with citizens so they feel comfortable with what government is doing. So that citizens want to be part of the solution. It’s also about driving efficiencies from the governments. We do things based on tradition, not law and policy. The open government process is a vehicle to fix that
  • Governments that work like the Internet. Networked. Generative. And reflective of who we are
  • What does open government mean to you?
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  • Open government means the re-establishment of trust in democratic values. Today, we hear a lot of noise in politics. The open government approach is non-partisan and it’s really about connecting people back to their communities. That means people will be connected with each other. And that’s exciting!"
  • "I think of it in slightly different terms. A government is for citizens and it must deliver a cycle of trust so that citizens can participate in government. There are three design values that are part of this: respect, participation, and unity. The important one is unity, because it brings citizens and government back on the same side.

10 Practical Tools for Building a Resilient Local Economy - 1 views

  • 10 Practical Tools for Building a Resilient Local Economy
  • We must think LOCALLY, and act now to begin growing a resilient local economy.
  • Understand the full extent of the problem.
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  • Eternal “growth” is impossible on a finite planet. We are living in a contracting economy and life as we once knew it is changing forever
  • we are going to have to use different economic tools than we have in the past: tools to facilitate transactions between people.
  • Build resilience.
  • we the people at the grassroots
  • The crises we face demand that we work together with others in ways we never have done before.
  • Develop practical life skills which will get you through challenges.
  • Grow food. Now. Everywhere you can
  • Relocalize: shift to lifestyles which require far less transportation
  • Powerdown: decrease your energy dependence overall.
  • An economy is like an ecosystem: it has many interrelated parts. We need to build much greater resilience into each of the parts – local business, currency, investment, measurement systems – in anticipation of what lies ahead.
  • Practice sharing: Set up lots of sharing networks, like carpools, home repair groups, garden sharing, group purchasing, tool libraries, gift cultures and more. Do it now, while times are relatively good, so these networks will be in place when we really need them.
  • Demand new economic indicators. Economic Indicators are our measuring sticks. They’re the way we determine whether (or how far) we’re moving in the right direction.
  • “The economy” is the sum total of transactions between people. And people’s lives and experiences are about much more than just dollars, profit and growth.

Eurobarometer: Citizens Engaged in Participatory Democracy | DemocracySpot - 1 views

  • Eurobarometer: Citizens Engaged in Participatory Democracy
  • A new report by Eurobarometer on citizen engagement in participatory democracy has been recently published. Here are some of the findings:
  • A third (34%) of respondents say that they have signed a petition in the last two years
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  • According to the socio-demographic data, men are more likely than women to have used various means of expressing their views, including taking part in a public debate at local/regional level (22% vs. 15% for women), expressing their views to a local elected representative (27% vs. 20%), and expressing their views via the Internet or social media (32% vs. 25%)
  • A fifth of respondents (20%) are members of an organisation with a specific economic, social, environmental, cultural or sporting interest
  • Overall, 45% of women say that they did none of these things in order to express their views, as opposed to 38% of men.
  • People in different age groups demonstrate preferences for using different means of expressing their views on public issues. Younger respondents are more likely to use the Internet or social media: 42% of 15-24 year-olds did this during the past two years, but this falls to 17% among people aged 55 or over
  • The full report is available here [PDF]. 
    Le document est sorti en Février 2013. C'est la base de l'étude de marché. Détaillé par pays et tout et tout... A lire ici : Si on fait une demande de subvention à l'Europe je pense que s'appuyer sur ces chiffres est un plus...

loans - 0 views

started by koskinen12 on 30 Aug 16 no follow-up yet

CATALYST - 0 views

shared by sylvainb on 28 Dec 14 - No Cached
  • CATALYST aims to improve collective sensemaking and creative ideation for the common good in large scale online debates for social innovation.

Syringe Filter with PVDF Membrane Sterile and Non Sterile - Axiva - 0 views

    Syringe filters with PVDF membrane is used for applications clarification, protein solutions, organic solvents and HPLC solutions.

PVDF Syringe Filters Sterile and Non Sterile - Axiva - 0 views

    Axiva Sichem Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of PVDF Syringe Filters in sterile and non sterile category. This syringe filters intended for aqueous and organic solution samples.

Buy Facebook Ads Accounts by SmmSeoS on Dribbble - 0 views

    Do you want to use a PayPal account for a long time? Buy verified paypal account from us. We will give you a paypal account that are fully verif ...

A Guide to Crowdfunding Success - 0 views

  • All inhibiting issues root from a lack of communication and commitment on the part of the collaborators. For MyBandStock, everything rests on the work ethic, motivations and dedication of the entities involved in the crowdfunding project. The goal must be mutually beneficial and must inspire action on the part of all involved. An unsuccessful MyBandStock crowdfunding project would be due to fans lacking a belief in the artist’s continued career, or perhaps when an artist does not recognize and appreciate fan contribution to his success

Imagination For People | Repérer et soutenir les projets sociaux créatifs - 1 views

  • Une communauté de citoyens créatifs pour repérer et soutenir les projets d'innovation sociale.

What is Dotmocracy? | Dotmocracy - 0 views

  • What is Dotmocracy
  • decision-making meeting with many people and felt frustrated with the lack of progress?
  • Have you ever attended a forum or workshop where dozens of people brainstormed a long list of ideas, but there was no sensible way to collectively prioritize all the results and recognize the best suggestions?
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  • provide a solution for these kinds of challenges
  • Dotmocracy is a transparent, equal opportunity, and participatory large group decision-making tool
  • Participants write down ideas on specially designed paper forms called Dotmocracy sheets and use pens to fill in one dot per sheet, recording their levels of agreement. The result is a graph-like visual representation of the group's collective opinion.

N-1 - 0 views

  • Social networks by the people and for the people
  • Because "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house"

Ysenate - 1 views

  • As neighborhoods of people use the information engine to learn, they will easily collaborate and filter each other for incrementally increased bandwidth
  • YSenate is designed to minimize confusion and maximize informed opinions amongst large groups of arguing people by focusing attention into neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhoods are like a 'Senate sub-committee,' and are a locus of conversation, but they dynamically reorganize as people express themselves and vote.
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  • Balancing objectives of democracies and republics, Ysenate works by organizing people into nested sets of neighborhoods through colors, connections, and locations. A citizen's nearest neighbor will likely be a friend, who lives nearby, and who shares similar political opinions. Incrementally larger neighborhoods expand your network to a gradually growing spectrum of people.
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