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Roland Gesthuizen

Lessons to be learned from the Ultranet - Did it work? - 1 views

  • it is not perfect. But it did bring home to quite a few teachers that, like it or not, wikis/blogs/twitter/facebook and numerous other learning gems were here to stay
  • Ultranet can take some credit for bringing eLearning into the forefront of educators minds
    "At its inception, the Ultranet represented the best opportunity for schools to tap into the ground-swell of technology acceptance that was coursing through society during the early/mid 2000′s. Somewhere along the journey, the Ultranet failed to live up to this lofty and ambitious goal."
Roland Gesthuizen

Clunky, outdated ultranet faces an uncertain future - 3 views

  • The $99 million ultranet, an online portal that was supposed to connect teachers, parents and students at state schools, has been dogged by cost blowouts, technical glitches and opposition from teachers
  • The ultranet, promised by the former government before the 2006 state election, was designed to provide a state-wide, secure website that parents, students and teachers at every state school could access.
  • the ultranet was a closed space which meant students could not be taught digital citizenship skills in a real environment. ''The whole point of Web 2 was communicating globally - this is completely within a walled garden,''
    "THE future of Victoria's troubled online education network is in doubt, with many schools refusing to use it amid complaints it is clunky and outdated and the security wall does not provide a real-life cyber environment."
Roland Gesthuizen

Ultranet Student Report Card Trial - Alkira SC - YouTube - 3 views

    "Ultranet Student Report Card Trial"
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