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Roland Gesthuizen

Cleavage gives Canberra allure - 0 views

    "NGAMBRI. Now there's a name for Australia's capital city. It has a bit of music in it and means, apparently, ''a woman's cleavage''. It's the name the city should have been graced with all along. Instead, we're saddled with Canberra, a word with all the melodic qualities of a Treasury official poring over tax figures. The thing is, Ngambri and Canberra are - or were - the same word, and they've travelled a long path, as will be revealed."
Rhondda Powling

commonsExplorer - 1 views

    A new way of exploring the Flickr collections is commonsExplorer, from Creative Canberra. It is an experimental interactive browser for the Flickr Commons. It provides a "big picture" view of these collections - a rich, single screen interface that reveals structures and patterns and encourages exploration. It's a quickly downloaded browsing interface that gives you, and students, a more visual view of the collections and the images. You can scroll through the list of all the participating institutions, then either search through the tag cloud or window shop through the pop-ups for images.
Nigel Coutts

Questions to ask as we ponder the latest PISA results - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    I am wanting to take a slightly different approach to this weeks post. The past week has seen the latest round of PISA results and the media has had a field day. Headlines have routinely attacked students, educators and education systems in equal measure. The Canberra Times reported that "Australian school scores plummet on world stage", the Sydney Morning Herald led with "Alarm bells': Australian students record worst result in global tests" and The Weekend Australian went with "PISA global educational rankings: Schools fail on maths, science". 
Chris Betcher

Learning at their fingertips - Opinion - Editorial - General - The Canberra Times - 6 views

    Digital technology is revolutionising the classroom and schools are scrambling to keep up, BREANNA TUCKER writes
Steve Madsen

Developing a Learning Technology Plan - 0 views

  • smadsenaulikesthe idea that academic staff get formal time to play in the technology sandpit.Jo McLeay&nbsp;smadsenau I like it fifikinssaysI'd like it to be a given, not an extra that is worked in.Teacher_ricksaystechnical or educational?Teacher_ricksaystechnical: stability, stability, stabilityTeacher_ricksayseducational: time, time and timeJo McLeay&nbsp;Teacher_rick a great distinction. I thnk this job is mainly the educational sidesmadsenaufeelsthat a 3 to 5 year Learning Plan needs to be developedsmadsenaufeelsthat it is good to make use of the expertise of staff within the schoolsmadsenaufeelsthat numerous short workshops on various topics can be run eg. 1 or 2 hour session on delicioussmadsenaufeelsthat your school could deliver electronic courses much like 'Distance Education'smadsenaufeelsthat collaboration software choice is Elluminate is best for delivering long distant courses with its whiteboard facilities?smadsenaufeelsan electronic extensive survey will need to be carried out with your staffsmadsenaufeelsthat you need the IT people to provide the infrastructure &amp; respond quickly to day to day problems.smadsenaufeelsthat one person can't implement a Learning Technology plan, a team of people need implement it with the proper time allowancefifikinssaysBoth internal and external collaboration.smadsenau&nbsp;assumes your school has school administration / reports online that can be carried out at school and from home.smadsenauaskswill you be going to the ACEC'08 in Canberra, in October?TeachingMothersaysI agree with smadsenauJo McLeay&nbsp;smadsenau yes I'll be there with bells on. Maybe we can meet up smadsenaulovesthe idea of meeting up at ACEC.bookjewel&nbsp;consultation with staff</tbod
    Some concepts that could be used in a job interview involving eLearning.
    This was a result of a Plurk posting. Some concepts may be worthwhile?
Roland Gesthuizen - 4 views

    This Australian Space and Astronomy website is maintained by Paul Floyd, a school teacher and amateur astronomer with 21 years experience (as at 2011) in running a range of education and public astronomy outreach activities.
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