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Grace Kat

Atlas of Living Australia - 7 views

    "The Atlas of Living Australia is a national initiative focused on making Australia's biodiversity information more accessible and useable online. It is a partnership between CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, the Australian natural history collections community and the Australian Government."
Rhondda Powling


    "an online initiative aimed at creating a Pokemon card type resource but with real creatures on display in full "artistic" wonder. Not only that - but we plan to have the scientific community weigh in to determine the content on such cards, as well as folks who love gaming to try and design interesting ways to use the cards. Then to top it all off, members of the teacher community will participate to see whether these cards have educational merit. Best of all, the hope is that this will all occur in a non-commercial-open-access-open-source-because-basically-this-is-good-for-you-your-children-and-your-planet sort of way."
Nestor Ndzi Talla

Make Big Profit From Nature Protection « Nestlines - 1 views

    Money invested in protecting nature can bring huge financial returns, according to a major investigation into the costs and benefits of the natural world
Rhondda Powling

Encyclopedia of Life - 0 views

    A site for the scientific users set up by the inspirational E.O. Wilson. The EOL is managed by a partnership of natural history institutions in the United States. The content results from collaboration with a multitude of institutions and individuals from across the world. The website has become more sophisticated in offering anyone, expert or not, the opportunity to contribute.
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