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Lily Kong

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real time analytics

started by Lily Kong on 03 May 12
  • Lily Kong
    Just the way TRPs determine the success of a show, a TV advert and the likes, real time analytics is the tool that any website owner or operator will have to discover intriguing details about the web site and also the visitors.
    What Is Real time analytics
    Real time analytics is definitely an instantaneous recording of activity on a website. It is not restricted to recording the number of unique visitors, but the source, time spent and the detailed activity that a visitor goes about performing during the website.
    Real time analytics utilize heatmap or what's also called website heatmaps.
    Benefits Of Real time analytics
    The very first obvious advantage of real time analytics is that it provides a business owner real-time statistics of visitors to the web site. Although a business take notice of the traffic striking the website but can also determine the difference in traffic over different times of your day, the week or the month. This data would help a company to gauge the popularity of the site and also if there is any sign of the site increasingly active during certain specific times or when some changes are now being made around the content, design or any other changes that may be happening on the site every once in awhile.
    In addition to calculating the traffic, real time analytics use website heatmaps to gauge the precise activity of the visitor. For instance, almost every website is supposed to possess a few pages which can range from anywhere between 4 and 50 in normal scenario. Not every page of the website receives the same levels of interest from visitors. Real time analytics might help a business to understand which segment from the site seems to grab more attention of the visitors. Knowing this, a business can certainly redo, if desired, certain aspects of the website to make it even more attractive and interactive.
    Real time analytics use heatmap to even record the scrolling activity of a visitor. If a visitor is on a certain page and is reading the content and doesn't scroll all the way down, it might be a sign that the content is less than the visitor's expectation. Such details might help a business to know popular opinion as well as manage feedback without requesting any.
    Real time analytics also keep a record from the sources of the visits, if there were links that redirected the visitor to some website as well as which links, buttons or hotspots online are now being clicked more by the visitors.

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