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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Tyler Youngers

Tyler Youngers

5 Higher-Ed Skills to Teach K-12 Students Now | Global Digital Citizen Foundation - 0 views

    Another one of the those numerical lists... I think the general ideas shared in this article are important to consider when we think of what our online learning courses might include, especially when we are teaching the educators of these 21st century K-12 learners.
Tyler Youngers - 1 views

    As online learning becomes one of the common ways to learn in the 21st century, we must continue to ask ourselves if the 21st century online classroom we create is teaching 21st century skills or if the online classroom created is simply a repository for once paper assignments that have now gone "digital".
Tyler Youngers

ollie1-cohort8: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 11 views

  • 6. Incorporates social aspects into the teaching and learning process, creating a community of learners (ITS 6) • Maintains an online social presence that is available, approachable, positive, interactive, and sincere (SREB C.3, Varvel VII.A) • Creates a learning community that encourages collaboration and interaction, including student-teacher, student-student, and student-content (SREB D.2, Varvel VII.B, ITS 6.a) • Sets and models clear expectations for appropriate behavior and proper interaction (SREB D.6, ITS 6.b) • Creates a safe environment, managing conflict (Varvel VII.D, ITS 6.e) • Communicates with students effectively and consistently (SREB D.1, ITS 1.g)
    I shared this annotation because having been a student in online courses since high school, I've found this learning standard is often overlooked. The community aspect is crucial to making everyone feel a part of the learning environment and for keeping students engaged in the learning process. I've had professors/instructors who maintained little online social presence and consequently, I felt disengaged and disjointed from the course. On the other hand, I've had professors/instructors who were deliberate in attaining this learning standard and the end result was much more positive.
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