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Contents contributed and discussions participated by suewhitlock


ol101-f2019: Iowa Online Course Standards - 5 views

  • Instruction provides students with multiple learning paths to master the content, addressing individual student needs, learning styles and preferences
    • suewhitlock
      Whether it is face to face or on line, differentiation for student's learning styles needs to happen. Students respond to different modalities.
  • • Technologies are chosen that are accessible to students
    • suewhitlock
      This is a given to me. All students should have the same access or the playing field has not been leveled.

ol101-f2019: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 10 views

  • Has experienced online learning from the perspective of a student
    • suewhitlock
      Having this experience would allow the instructor to be able to understand student expectations and needs.
  • Continuously uses data to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of instructional strategies
    • suewhitlock
      In my position data is collected weekly. If the data indicates the student is not being successful, decisions about instructional strategies may be made. It lends for the instruction to be more student centered.
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