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PLE Articles - 3 views

  • Study group resources
    • schma3
      I saw this being used with Freshman- this was a way for them to organize their resources for a research paper.
  • Symbaloo EDU
    • schma3
      I was doing some research on Symbaloo EDU and it looks like they have created something called Learning Paths- This would be a way for students to move through learning at their own pace.
  • You can share with the public or with a select group of individuals (via email).
    • schma3
      I like how easy it is to share web mixes with others. You could use Google Classroom to share different symbaloo's with different sets of students.

"Personalized" vs. "Personal" Learning - 3 views

  • “Personalized” learning is something that we do to kids; “personal” learning is something they do for themselves
    • schma3
      We spend too much time doing things TO kids. And not giving students ownership.
  • short term.
  • If we can’t engage our kids in ideas and explorations that require no technology, then we have surely lost our way.
    • schma3
      So true....putting technology in front of a student, does not magically make a student learn.
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  • moving ownership of learning away from the teacher and more toward the student
    • schma3
      Who's doing the work? Flipping has become a very surface level strategy- as he said, taking care of those mundane housekeeping tasks, not really taking advantage of the possibilities!
    • schma3
      That's a great way to think about that...who own's the learning? We haven't changed instruction or how the instruction is given.
  • for
  • A term like “mass customized learning,”
    • schma3
      Wow...someone really thought this phrase was a good idea??
  • kids spend much of their time learning with and from one another.
    • schma3
      Thinking about how adults learn best- isn't that how we learn? Collaboratively with others? Rarely do I learn in isolation.
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