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Contents contributed and discussions participated by russelljohanna


How to Get More Grit in Your Life - Freakonomics Freakonomics - 0 views

    In my course, teachers will learn how to create self-motivated learners. I enjoy learning from non-traditional educational text because I think it allows for better, more creative solutions. This source is from behavior economists.

How To Be An Effective Teacher On The First Days Of School Part 1 - SIMPLE secrets!! - ... - 0 views

    I am not sure that this will be the final video that I land on, but I want additional resources of what an effective behavior management system looks like. If students are going to be self-motivated they need an environment that demands productivity. This is a good, but long example

iowaonlinelearning - Teaching Standards - 94 views

  • Continuously uses data to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of instructional strategies (SREB J.7, ITS 1.c)
    • russelljohanna
      I think it is an important point that quality teaching, even online, requires the teacher to respond to data. A course cannot just be packaged. Quality teaching using data and FAs is the expectation. 
  • corporates social aspects into the teaching and learning process, creating a community of learners (ITS 6)
    • russelljohanna
      Another important point, for me, is how important it is to create a community of learners. Students need to know each other, even if it is online. Quality learning doesn't happen in isolation because feedback challenges our assumptions.
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