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Contents contributed and discussions participated by rcordes1961


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    For help making screencast tutorials

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ollie1: Iowa Online Course Standards - 2 views

  • Instructions to students on how to meet the learning objectives are adequate and stated clearly.
    • rcordes1961
      AS Stiggens said many years ago, students need to know the target before attempting to hit the target. Trying to hit a moving target is frustrating and difficult for everyone!
  • Technologies are chosen that are accessible to students
    • rcordes1961
      We need to keep in mind not all students have internet access at home. Online learning cannot be another way of separating the haves from the have nots.

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 0 views

  • • Provides and communicates evidence of learning and course data to students and colleagues (SREB J.6, ITS 1.a
    • rcordes1961
      Providing feedback to students in any type of course is extremely important in order for students to continue to progress. When not meeting face to face with the instructor communication and course feedback is imperative.
    • rcordes1961
      Sherri, I wonder if students would take more time reading feedback if the feedback was on some form of online feedback. I agree many times students are just interested only in the grade as oposed to how to improve or what they can learn from the feedback. I said many times, nothing gets in the way of learning more, than the almighty grade!
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