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ollie1 (Peterman): Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 28 views

    • natehernandez
      This one hits home with me being a science teacher. We need more scientists. We need students graduating and heading to college and majoring in the sciences. One way to capture attentiion and make science intruiging is through technology. I have found that using things like LoggerPro with Vernier Software and Hardware get students that hands-on experience that facilitate learning when they don't know they're learning.
    • natehernandez
      I believe in trying new things and I'm not afraid to jump out there along with the students. This year, we tried two new projects in class involving two different software programs. One of which, I had zero experience with and the other, minimal technical practice. One was Google Sketchup and the other was Audacity. With Sketchup, the students were highly skeptical, but became extremely more than proficient. Some got really good. When we went to Audacity, it jsut took a reminder that they can do anything they put their mind to. Students are highly adaptable when it comes to technology.
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