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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Natalie Smithhart

Natalie Smithhart

ollie4: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 14 views

  • two stars and a wish
    • Natalie Smithhart
      I like this idea! It seems like a good (friendly and safe) way for peers to evaluate each other. Since each student is required to give a "wish" nobdy should get upset about providing or receiving a suggestion for improvment.
  • non-threatening environment
    • Natalie Smithhart
      I like this part best! As early childhood teachers we understand the importance of a "safe" learning environmnet. Children need to feel secure in thier environment in order to be able to give and accept feedback and learn to the best of thier abilities! :)
  • For example, students can work in pairs to review each other’s work to give feedback.
    • Natalie Smithhart
      I like this idea, students can learn a lot from providing postive or constructive feedback for their peers. I would think it also helps them improve their own writing when they learn ideas from their peers.
Natalie Smithhart

ollie4: Building a Better Mousetrap - 1 views

  • A rubric that tells students, as a typical example, that they will get an A for writing a 1000 word essay that “cites x number of sources and supports its thesis with at least three arguments” will lead students to perceive writing as a kind of “paint-by-number” endeavor (Mathews).
    • Natalie Smithhart
      I could see how this could easily happen. As a student I think I would of focused more on getting the A then the content of my paper. It can be difficult to write a rubric that lists all the criteria, yet doesn't stifle creativity.
  • And, rubrics cannot be the sole response to a student’s paper;
    • Natalie Smithhart
      This is important, should help keep students work from becoming to "thoughless". So would you use a rubric to make sure you meet specific criteria, then use another for of assessment to grade creativity?
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