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Contents contributed and discussions participated by leipoldc


ollie-afe-2020: Building a Better Mousetrap - 2 views

  • “In short, explicit performance criteria, along with supporting models of work, make it possible for students to use the attributes of exemplary work to monitor their own performance.”
    • leipoldc
      I really like the idea of having students evaluate samples of work to understand the expectations better. It DOES provide a powerful learning experience and clarify how the rubric will be applied to the work they submit. This knowledge & experience should lead to higher quality work

Iowa Core - 0 views

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ollie-afe-2020: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality--article - 7 views

  • through the use of clear curriculum maps for each standard
    • leipoldc
      The curriculum map needs to ensure standards are addressed at multiple grades levels. If standards are missed at a level, this needs to be communicated so we dont create gaps in our kids' learning. Gaps make for students who are insecure in their understanding and hesitant to try new ideas. :(
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