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Contents contributed and discussions participated by khageman2


Lesson: Articles on Visual Design - 2 views

  • Unity has to do with all elements on a page visually or conceptually appearing to belong together. Visual design must strike a balance between unity and variety to avoid a dull or overwhelming design.
    • khageman2
      There are lots of ways to achieve unity: theme, banners, fonts colors, and object placement all contribute to a unified feel.
  • Line Spacing
    • khageman2
      Also consider the space between chunks of information. Sometimes changing the size of a "blank" line greatly affects the overall design.
  • back and revise earlier pages to match later ones exactly
    • khageman2
      This final polish is an attention to detail that really makes a difference in professional looking design and audience appeal. It is worth the time and effort!
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  • rank elements on your website based on your business objective
    • khageman2
      For educators, this would translate to "educational objective." Is the truly important educational information given prominence?
  • the more choice you give people, the easier it is to choose nothing.
    • khageman2
      Yes, choice within limits so as not to overwhelm to the point of inaction...
  • a maximum of 18 words or 50-80 characters per line of text.
    • khageman2
      Limiting the number of words per line is a design strategy that I hadn't considered before. 

dol1: Lesson Planning: The Missing Link in e-Learning Course Design - 7 views

  • hey are lacking both in interactivity to hold the learner’s interest and to ensure that learning occurs, and in sufficient information to guide the learner through the lesson or course
    • khageman2
      How do new online instructors ensure that their lessons have clear instructions, engaging content, and meaningful learning outcomes?
  • Lesson planning is also useful for helping facilitators and technical writers transition to instructional design roles.
    • khageman2
      Educators transitioning to creators of online content may find great value in using comparative and detailed lesson plans to ensure development of quality course content.
  • Though developing a lesson plan for e-Learning is similar in many ways to developing a lesson plan for instructor-led learning, there are also differences.
    • khageman2
      I think it is often difficult for instructors moving from face-to-face to online environments to accurately gauge student understanding and reactions to online instructional strategies, which makes lesson planning a challenge.
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