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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Kelly Snyder

Kelly Snyder

dol1: Lesson Planning: The Missing Link in e-Learning Course Design - 7 views

  • Checking for understanding • Has learner acquired knowledge? • Sampling — group response • Signaling — agree, disagree, not sure • Individual response — to instructor — another learner
    • Kelly Snyder
      Makes me rethink my own practice after seeing all the examples in the lessons we looked at.  Many had check for understandings along the way.  This is an area that I need to spend more time developing in my lessons.
  • The first lesson section — the Anticipatory Set — for the face-to-face lesson has the instructor displaying a Word memo and asking participants to guess how many words the memo contains.
    • Kelly Snyder
      Love using screencasts for anticipatory sets.  Give them a little snip of what you are teaching toward.
  • n the second lesson section — Objectives
    • Kelly Snyder
      I need to do a better job at writing clear objectives for the students so that they know what is expected of them in the lesson or module.  This can more easily guide the teaching and learning.
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  • Gain attention Inform learner of objectives Stimulate recall of prior learning Present stimulus materials Provide learner guidance Elicit performance Provide feedback Assess performance Enhance retention and transfer
    • Kelly Snyder
      Link doesn't work.  Wanted to read this as well.
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