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Implementation in Advocacy/Guidanace/Post-Secondary Preparation (Articles) - 1 views

  • Among the worst offenders in this regard are some products and programs that call themselves “online.” These are often programs that are low-cost, have very low levels of teacher involvement, and require very little of students. They are used primarily because they are inexpensive, and they allow schools to say students have “passed” whether they have learned anything or not.

Adaptive Learning System Articles - 2 views

  • Adaptive technology can follow a student’s progress as they work and recognize which concepts they’ve mastered and in which areas they need further instruction.
    • kburrington
      At the end of a chapter we sit with the student in what we call teaching moments. During these teaching moments we cover material that they did poorly on. It's nice that the program identifies these because time is not wasted on what they already have mastery of. (Ken)
  • If one student’s acing everything they do, the teacher know don’t need any intervention.
    • kburrington
      This addresses I situation I often run into. That stigma that Alternative Ed. students aren't as smart. Several of my students are highly intelligent and are extremely bored in traditional classrooms. The adaptive learning programs allow them to move at their own pace and not waste time on stuff they already know or wait while the teacher helps those students who struggle. (Ken)
  • Furthermore, the study also found that the OLI students took 50% less time to learn all of the content and perform the same or better relative to the traditional students
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  • "Let's say you want to teach engineers how to build a bridge," he said. "Do you want them to read something, watch something and then answer a multiple choice quiz, or do you want them to build a bridge with a simulator that gives them specific feedback and specific activity based on that?"
    • kburrington
      When looking at different programs this was one of the main things I looked for. One of the main reasons we decided to go with the program we went with was because it contained several interactive experiments in it's science programs. We acknowledged that the students were missing out not being in a traditional classroom doing the hands-on work.
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