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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jenny Rohrbeck

Jenny Rohrbeck

ollie1sweetman: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 0 views

  • Maintains an online social presence that is available, approachable, positive, interactive, and sincere (SREB C.3, Varvel VII.A)
    • Jenny Rohrbeck
      This stuck out to me because again it is something that is important in both face-to-face and virutal classrooms! If any of these are missing students will feel disconnected to the course and probably will not do as well. If you are positive, interactive, etc your students will also take action to do these things!
  • Demonstrates growth in technology knowledge and skills in order to stay current with emerging technologies
    • Jenny Rohrbeck
      I would like to see more professional development in these areas. In our school we were offered the chance to take this class by an email being sent out by our superintendent, which was great, but unfortunately not many of our staff members took this opportunity. I believe if there were more of a "push" to take these courses or to enhance our learning in technology there would be more advancement in this. I am not much of a "techy" (if that's the way it's spelled) and I've found myself fretting over how to complete many of the activities or if it's done right. If I were expected to teach a course online my lack of confidence would lead to my students lacking confidence as well.
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