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Contents contributed and discussions participated by jquandahl


ollie4_1: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 1 views

  • teachers must provide the criteria by which learning will be assessed so that students will know whether they are successfully progressing toward the goal
    • jquandahl
      This is such an important point. Teachers and students need to be "on the same page" - understanding where they they are going, why, and how they will get there.
  • A teacher needs to have modeled good feedback with students and talked about what acceptable and unacceptable comments look like in order to have created a safe learning environment.
    • jquandahl
      Another important thing to remember. Sometimes, as teachers, we can lose sight of how important it is to MODEL MODEL MODEL in order for students to truly understand and be successful.

ollie4_1: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality - 1 views

  • assessor has translated the learning targets into assessments that will yield accurate results.
    • jquandahl
      when assessing student learning, teacher must always take in to consideration the BEST way to have studnets show that they have met the learning target. Multiple choice & true false tests are not always the answer.
  • have considered questioning the accuracy of

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 3 views

  • Demonstrates effective instructional strategies and techniques, appropriate for online education
    • jquandahl
      Our OLLIE courses will be important in helping me to be able to meet this standard. I need to explore the instructional strategies and techniques that are appropriate for online education and find the ones that will best meet the needs of students in my courses.
  • Selects and understands how to evaluate learning materials and resources that align with the context and enhance learning
    • jquandahl
      It is always important to align resources and learning materials with learning goals and choose the things that will enhance learning. I find that it is easy to get caught up in all the cool web 2.0 tools out there and I need to remind myself to focus on the things that will help students meet their learning goals.
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