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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Joletta Yoder

Joletta Yoder

ollie4: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 14 views

  • in an eighth grade writing class the students are learning how to construct an argument. They are focusing specifically on speech-writing and have examined several effective speeches, both from prominent speech-makers in history and from previous years’ eighth grade students.
    • Joletta Yoder
      Like this lesson idea. I wonder what speeches they are listening to or viewing. I wonder how one can get these to share in class.
  • What can you do to improve or strengthen your opening paragraph?”
    • Joletta Yoder
      This is a great way to give feeback on a weak element in writing because it causes interaction with the student, dialogue, reflection, and revision. One can be sure that with this simple question the student will revise and, in turn, grow as a writer.
Joletta Yoder

ollie4: Building a Better Mousetrap - 1 views

  • aligned more closely to real-life learning situation s
    • Joletta Yoder
      Again, I think we know we're right on when it comes to assessment tasks which provide these real-life learning situations. We're to prepare kids for the real world and students crave realness yet it seems to be challenging for us to do in education consistently.
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