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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Kelly Josephson

Kelly Josephson

ollie1sweetman: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 0 views

  • knowledgeable and has the ability to use computer programs required in online education to improve learning and teaching, including course management software (CMS) and synchronous/asynchronous communication tools (chat, email, web 2.0, videoconferencing, webinar, whiteboard
    • Kelly Josephson
      This is a big concern to me. I feel that I am somewhat competent where technology is concerned, but I still have a lot to learn. If an online course flops, will it be because of a lack of technology skill/knowledge? Almost every teacher feels confident in the content they teach face to face, but they don't always have the confidence in the technological aspect. This is what makes them resistant to change. I think we have to be comfortable with the technological features of management software and explore the endless options that technology has to offer. This give new meaning to life-long learning!
  • Demonstrates effective instructional strategies and techniques, appropriate for online education, that align with course objectives and assessment
    • Kelly Josephson
      To me this means using appropriate technology for the content standards and not just using technology for the sake of using technology in a classroom setting.
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