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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jeff Struck

Jeff Struck

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 2 views

  • understands how to teach the content
    • Jeff Struck
      It is more than just disseminating content. It is knowing how to deliver that content in ways that promote understanding, conceptual understanding. Your instruction needs to focus on connections, structure (models, schema), performance (application & transfer-think and act flexibly with what you know), sense making (can use it to make sense of the world), and reflection. This is an area I need a lot of practice tools and strategies for creating online learning environments that promote the Characteristics of Effective Instruction.
  • communicates learning outcomes
    • Jeff Struck
      It is critical in any learning situation to have the goals and success criteria identified but to also communicate them to the participants in ways that they can understand and in ways that they and the instructor can check progress.
  • best enhance student learning
    • Jeff Struck
      When designing an online course based off of a course that has previously been delivered face to face, is it best to design it completely online and then go back and look at those pieces that might best be delivered face to face?
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  • Understands the differences between teaching online and teaching face-to-face
    • Jeff Struck
      If you understand how the teaching is similar and different between online and face-to-face learning, you can better prepare learning experiences that meet the needs of all learners and that supports what we know about best practices in teaching and learning. You can also make decisions about what may or may not be best suited for online learning.
  • data from assessments to guide instruction
    • Jeff Struck
      In face-to-face, you can use formative data to make changes in the content on the fly. Based on the data you get from participants you might need to revisit the content but in a different way or take the content deeper. You adjust and modify the content and how it is delivered based on what the participants know, say, and do. It will be interesting to see how one can make adjustments to content and instruction in an online environment when the content and sequence seem predetermined and somewhat 'fixed'.
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