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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Crystal Hornback

Crystal Hornback

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  • 8. Adheres to, models, and guides ethical behavior, including technological use (ITS 8)
    • Crystal Hornback
      As online learning explodes, we need to continually remind participants their words are ever present. Additionally, if the content participants will be contributing to the course relates to their current school positions, the reminder of confidentiality is a must! As instructors it is our charge to remind and insist the practices within the content of the course are upheld to these standards.
  • Demonstrates effective instructional strategies and techniques, appropriate for online education
    • Crystal Hornback
      Participants in online courses deserve to have instruction presented in the most effective manner. As we embark on new technological tools, we have a vast amount of resources for education available at our fingertips. It is understandable that some tools are easier for all learners than others to utilize, but as an instructor it is important to understand the multiple tools available for instruction and utilize the tool with the most effectiveness for the coursework.
  • Proposed Online Teaching Standards
    • Crystal Hornback
      So glad these are available to us while we are working on developing an online course!
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