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Contents contributed and discussions participated by hollysoby


ollie1: Iowa Online Course Standards - 2 views

  • The course provides opportunities for appropriate instructor-student and student-student interaction to foster mastery and application of the material and a plan for monitoring that interaction.
    • hollysoby
      This is one I'm excited about - I'm hoping by mixing online with face to face learning I can have more interaction with quiet students - though I know from taking online classes it can be easy to just do enough to get by if there aren't a lot of opportunities to interact.
  • The course structure includes a wide variety of assessment procedures to assess students’ mastery of content.
    • hollysoby
      This is something I feel like I need to be careful about - I think it's easy to get so excited about new ideas I throw a lot of projects at students at once - I need to think really hard about what I want to assess them on.

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 0 views

  • Identifies and communicates learning outcomes and expectations through a course overview/orientation
    • hollysoby
      I'm hoping I can use online learning to make standards and expectations clear to students upfront - currently I give them packets every unit with the plan nad assignments for that unit, and I'm hoping Moodle makes that process easier, more clear and less dead tree intensive.
  • multiple assessment

Tinker v. Des Moines Ind. Comm. School Dist. | The Oyez Project at IIT Chicago-Kent Col... - 0 views

shared by hollysoby on 22 May 11 - Cached
  • Does a prohibition against the wearing of armbands in public school, as a form of symbolic protest, violate the First Amendment's freedom of speech protections?
    • hollysoby
      Oyez is another favorite site of mine - it has really kid friendly summaries of Supreme Court cases, but then they can also listen to the oral arguments - which they get into for about two minutes. When they listen to Bethel, they get excited because the lawyers are citing Tinker - "We learned about Tinker yesterday!" I think it helps kids get a feel for how the Supreme Court works.

Fonts In Use - "America Lost and Found, The BBS Story" - 0 views

  • “America Lost and Found, The BBS Story” F Ron Miller’s typography embodies film’s heady days between 1968 and 1972.
    • hollysoby
      I love "Fonts in Use" but I think this article would be especially useful to my yearbook students - we're considering doing a retro theme next year and it's good to see how modern designers evoke a past era.
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