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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jeffrey Haverland

Jeffrey Haverland

Vocaroo | Online voice recorder - 0 views

shared by Jeffrey Haverland on 19 May 11 - Cached
    This is an incredibly easy tool to add audio to other sites. You simply record, copy the url and paste it where you want it to be.
Jeffrey Haverland :: Words that stick - 0 views

    This online collaboration tool will allow you to post notes and organize them as needed. The notes themselves can be embedded with video, images, and audio. Multiple users can access the content and can edit according to the creator's direction.
Jeffrey Haverland

ollie1: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 0 views

  • Meets the professional teaching standards established by a state-licensing agency, or has the academic credentials in the field in which he or she is teaching (SREB A.1, Varvel II.A)
    • Jeffrey Haverland
      This is really a critical piece because even thought the course is online, it better be high quality educators who are delivering it through the lens of sound educational practices. One of my biggest fears is online learning opening up a venue for for anyone who thinks they would be better at teaching than trained educators.
  • • Knows the content of the subject to be taught and understands how to teach the content to students (SREB A.3, Varvel II.A, ITS 2.a)
    • Jeffrey Haverland
      This really goes along with what I wrote above. Not only do online instructors need to understand teaching and learning, they also need to have the background to teach that course. We can all be "experts" at things we know nothing about--Wikipedia is a great example of this, but the ability to "impart" this knowledge on others needs to be controlled.
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