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Contents contributed and discussions participated by gmonat


ol101-f2019: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 10 views

    • gmonat
      Patterns in lesson sequencing is very important so students are comfortable with the familiar format.
  • Creates or selects multiple assessment instruments that are appropriate for online learning
    • gmonat
      Multiple assessments is important so participants have a variety of ways to show their understanding. However, I think you can have TOO many different formats which can add stress to students.
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  • Maintains an online social presence that is available, approachable, positive, interactive, and sincere
    • gmonat
      This is critical! Since your students may never see you face-to-face, they must feel that you are there to help them and are accessible in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Provides substantive, timely, and constructive feedback to students
    • gmonat
      Timely feedback is very important as students want to know how they are doing and cannot 'approach' you physically to ask. Constructive feedback also helps students adjust their work accordingly.
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