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Contents contributed and discussions participated by evanabbey


dol1: Lesson Planning: The Missing Link in e-Learning Course Design - 7 views

  • "In this article, I will describe [how to use] lesson planning [to help] IDs transition into e-Learning course designers without slowing down the design process. The term 'lesson plan' may sound 'school marm-ish' and academic, but I ask that you reserve judgment until you finish reading this article. Lesson plans are merely templates that can guide the development of good e-Instruction, saving much time and effort by minimizing revisions and misunderstandings."
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  • The “e-Instruction” gap
  • Editor’s Note: Parts of this article may not format well on smartphones and smaller mobile devices. We recommend viewing on larger screens.
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ollie1-cohort8: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 11 views

  • s ability to enhanc
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