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Contents contributed and discussions participated by ericalea


ollie1-cohort8: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 11 views

  • Demonstrates competence in content knowledge (including technological knowledge) appropriate to the instructional position
    • ericalea
      This is important in any field, and online teaching and learning is no different. Teachers must be competent in the content they're teaching in order to best serve their students.
  • multiple learning needs
    • ericalea
      Teaching online gives us a great opportunity to meet learning needs of many students. 
  • Applies research, knowledge, and skills
    • ericalea
      Diigo is a great resource to show students who are working on research as well! 
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  • privacy
    • ericalea
      Using Diigo as we are now, in a group, is a great time to talk about privacy and positive online interactions with students. 
  • assessment
    • ericalea
      Again, online learning in many cases mirrors learning in a classroom; multiple and varied assessments are and have always been best practice.
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