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Contents contributed and discussions participated by dwagner2

dwagner2 | Tomorrow, When the War Began - 0 views

    use for ideas for teaching books that you are reading in your class

ol101-f2019: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 10 views

  • Is knowledgeable and has the ability to use computer programs required in online education to improve learning and teaching, including course management software (CMS) and synchronous/asynchronous communication tools (chat, email, web 2.0, videoconferencing, webinar, whiteboard, etc.)
    • dwagner2
      Without the knowledge and ability, how will I be able to use this format to be successful?
  • Has knowledge of learning theory appropriate to online learning, which may include (but is not limited to) age and ability level, multiple intelligences, didactic conversation, student developmental influences, constructivism, behaviorism, cognitivism, connectivism, and group theory (Varvel V.A)
    • dwagner2
      Giving students the ability to perform at the level at which they are at is one of best ways to ensure that students are going to be successful.
  • Communicates assessment criteria and standards to students, including rubrics f
    • dwagner2
      Students need to be able to understand and know exactly what their job is and how well they are performing while doing the job. Also, by communicating criteria and standards, students will have a further understanding of why they are learning it also.
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  • Creates a learning community that encourages collaboration and interaction, including student-teacher, student-student, and student-content
    • dwagner2
      Collaboration and interaction are two very large pieces of the puzzle of employability skills that are imperative for successful employees. By providing students with the opportunity, we are further preparing them to gain and maintain successful employment. Students will work with people of all ages and abilities throughout their lives, so all levels of collaboration and interaction are important - especially online where one is unable to use visual cues to discern the meaning of communication.
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