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Contents contributed and discussions participated by dassom


Implementation in a Secondary Classroom (Articles) - 0 views

  • ore rigorous, challenging, engaging and thought-provoking curriculum.
  • Use the technology you have.
  • more to creating blended lessons than simply adding technology.
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  • math had a purpose in relation to something they cared about.
    • dassom
      Changing the titles of graphs may help motivation but I struggle even in my 10 year of finding ways to gets meaningful connections. I find more success it making the math attainable to all the students so that it's not "too hard" to complete.
  • collecting data
    • dassom
      This is necessary to test if the learning is the same. Ideally the personalized lessons make it more meaningful, but if the kid is interested in learning but is not learning as much as a traditional classroom, is this okay? Is it acceptable?

PLE Articles - 3 views

  • teacher centered classrooms to more learner centered classrooms
    • dassom
      When we can get teachers to put the focus back on what the student needs, ideas and classroom revolutions like PLE's or flipped curriculum become much more likely.

"Personalized" vs. "Personal" Learning - 3 views

  • tandardized way
    • dassom
      It's important that you have a standardize way of addressing the personalization. You need to know the end goal and the different pathways they can get there. If you jump into this without proper preparation you could loose some kids along the way.
  • Our systems and assessments assume that neither content nor access to teachers is widely available, and that we must deliver a proscribed, fairly narrow curriculum to each child because if they don’t have it in their heads when they need it, they will fail at the task
  • huge disruption
    • dassom
      I forgot about this phrase from our previous learning. Maybe it was in our Blended Book? I think it's a important phrase to keep in mind. If you are being true to updating your classroom/curriculum to match modern students it MUST be a disruptive environment.
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  • skeptical

Article(s): Self- and Peer-Assessment Online - 1 views

  • Agreed marking criteria
    • dassom
      By having an agreed criteria like a "checklist" everyone can be a expert in theory. It gives the student a task to complete in something they might not be familar with. Without set criteria your results may also be all over the board.
  • When operating successfully can reduce a lecturer's marking load.
    • dassom
      This seems like the obvious reason to add this step into the writing process. There some elements that students are going to catch but by adding the peer element they should be able to catch the "big mistakes" before it is turned in.
  • introduce students to the concepts and elements of assessment against specified criteria in the first weeks

ollie-afe-2018: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 4 views

  • A further benefit of providing feedback to a peer is that it can help deepen the student’s own learning.
    • dassom
      I like the idea of peer assessment but I think it would be helpful to have clear expectations (like a rubric or checklist) of what the students are looking for so they aren't over critical or give "wrong" feedback.

ollie-afe-2018: Building a Better Mousetrap - 3 views

  • some educators see
    • dassom
      I think it's important to understand both sides of why teachers may or may not be in favor of rubic. In a math class it seemed unresonable and unnecessary to use a rubric until we started talking about standard based grading. It still a hard concept I am wrapping my head around but I am getting there. I have had WAY more instruction than other math teachers in building and district so I know it will be a huge struggle for them to see the value.
  • become wooden
    • dassom
      This reminds me of readings we did that talked about rubics killing the creativity of the writings. It is definately a con, but for some students might help them get started in the writing process.
  • With your colleagues
    • dassom
      This is important. If you are going to go into rubric style grading you want input from like content people. I teach 8th grade math, and would want input from 7th and 9th teachers when developing rubrics.

ollie-afe-2018: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality--article - 14 views

  • clear statements of the intended learning
    • dassom
      I think of the clear learning targets as the lessons that the teachers are promising to teach. In my district we have pacing guides as well as end of the quarter assessments that are the same district wide. All the teachers are expected to teach these concepts. The style may be different but the outcome or learning targets still need align. It holds teachers accountable but also is promising the students fair curriculum district wide.
  • assessment literate
    • dassom
      I've never see this term before but I think it truly applies to the process of our CTT process in our district. We have the question to ask what do we do if the don't know it, and then the follow up question what do we do if they still don't know it. It's important for teams to understand what information will be obtained from the results and what the plan is for kids that are proficient or successful at the assessment the first or even second time around.

ollie1 (Peterman): Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 21 views

  • Knows the content of the subject to be taught and understands how to teach the content to students
  • Assists students with technology used in the course (Varvel III.C)
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