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Contents contributed and discussions participated by crjessen44


ollie1: Iowa Online Course Standards - 2 views

  • All resources and materials used in the course are appropriately cited and obey copyright and fair use.
    • crjessen44
      This is something I would like to know more about in the on-line world. I'm not sure on certain issues relating to this and would like to be more clear on my understanding.
  • Sufficient learning resources and materials to increase student success are available to students
    • crjessen44
      This is where I think Moodle or other similar tools will have an advantage. I like that I will be able to group all relevant resources together for students. I have a lot of resources right now but they are all scattered..

iowaonlinelearning - Teaching Standards - 94 views

  • Has experienced online learning from the perspective of a student (SREB F.1, Varvel II.E)
    • crjessen44
      I feel this is critical. As a teacher, I believe all teachers need to live this experience first hand, in the role of a student. Being a student in an on-line evironment will help me to be a better on-line faciliator. I will be more sympathetic to the stuggles of being on-line learner and hopefully I will be more effective, learning from my experience as a student.
  • Tailors instruction to meet the different needs of students, including different learning styles, different interests and backgrounds, and students with special needs or whom are language learners (SREB C.7, Varvel V.H, ITS 4.c)
    • crjessen44
      This one grabbed my attention. I'm currently helping two students with special learning needs take an on-line math class for credit recovery. It has been a very frustrating experience for them in multiple capacities. They not only struggle with content, but with technology issues - the two combined are sometimes more than the students can handle. On a positive note, I've seen some really cool things you can do within an on-line class to tailor the instruction to better meet their needs. I think in some respects you could perhaps more easily tailor on-line learning to meet the needs of a more diverse set of learners?
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