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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Becky Hinze

Becky Hinze

ollie4: Building a Better Mousetrap - 1 views

  • the criteria must be made clear to them and the jargon used must not only be understandable to the student but also be linked specifically to classroom instruction.
    • Becky Hinze
      "Jargon in student language." Must be tied to instruction!!
  • student-generated rubrics, they tend to “think more deeply about their learning.”
    • Becky Hinze
      Great idea! Thinking would for sure be at a deeper level. Time consuming!
  • explicit performance criteria, along with supporting models of work, make it possible for students to use the attributes of exemplary work to monitor their own performance.”
    • Becky Hinze
      Monitor their own learning.....leads to "self-directed learners"....our ultimate goal.
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  • wooden when writing under the influence of a rubric
    • Becky Hinze
      I never thought about this. I'm sure this would cause more difficulty for the gifted writer.
Becky Hinze

ollie4: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality - 5 views

  • Do the results provide clear direction for what to do next?
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