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Working with Parents - 0 views

  • Teacher outreach efforts to parents most typically include writing a newsletter or inviting parents into the classroom. Calling parents with good news about a child's progress also strengthens the teacher-parent relationship. Home visits, done either before or after the school years starts, can also be extremely valuable. These visits can improve significantly the relationship between teachers and parents. "From the very beginning, I knew the importance of soliciting help from parents," says Julie Gutierrez (Richardson, Texas). "I sent a weekly newsletter home explaining our week's worth of activities, and in it, I gave ideas for working with the children. Conferences and phone calls also served as wonderful opportunities for me to get parents involved. Periodically, I sent papers explaining developmental stages of reading and writing so that parents might gauge their child's progress and look forward to the next step. It's amazing how quickly a child can achieve mastery when the support of a parent is present."
    • Aryn Kruse
      What are your strategies for connecting with parents?
  • earn their trust
    • Aryn Kruse
      What strategies do you use to build trusting relationships with families
  • Show support for learning at home Communicate positive feedback about a teacher's influence or performance Welcome new teachers Volunteer to help in the classroom Support fair discipline measures that teachers impose Refrain from assuming the worst about first-year teachers See that children do their homework Offer the workplace for a field trip when appropriate Talk to a teacher directly about a problem; and Become active partners in education
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  • Contact parents early on and before a problem occurs, particularly when there's good news to report Consider writing a weekly newsletter or report on classroom learning and activities Invite parents to come into the classroom and assign them tasks if they are willing Involve them in reading groups and remedial assistance when possible, being aware that all parents may not read or write English Let parents know how they can reinforce classroom learning at home; consider asking them to sign a contract requiring them to make children complete homework and other home learning activities Visit families in their homes if possible to see firsthand how well learning is supported there Address parents' concerns head on. If you are taking a pedagogical approach that raises questions, work to show parents the benefits of your methods and explain your reasoning to them; and Hold a parent meeting the first month of the school year in which you talk about your expectations for student achievement and behavior, leave time for questions, and if you don't know the answer promise to call soon with one.
  • Look to Parents to...
    • Aryn Kruse
      These tips were created from the lens of working with families inside a school building (school-aged populations). What additions or modifications would you apply to early intervention?

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    This seems to be exactly what we are trying to do.
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