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Contents contributed and discussions participated by angelahiatt


ol101-f2019: Iowa Online Teaching Standards - 10 views

  • Demonstrates effective instructional strategies and techniques, appropriate for online education, that align with course objectives and assessment
    • angelahiatt
      This is so crucial in making sure that we impact ALL learners equally.
  • Tailors instruction to meet the different needs of students, including different learning styles, different interests and backgrounds, and students with special needs or whom are language learners
    • angelahiatt
      This one is interesting because I feel like when done online it can be tricky due to the fact that it's harder to get that instant feedback from students.
  • Creates or selects multiple assessment instruments that are appropriate for online learning
    • angelahiatt
      This one really pushes us to think "is this meaningful? Does it reach my goals? Does it feel like it is worth the valuable time of the learner?"
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  • Demonstrates growth in technology knowledge and skills in order to stay current with emerging technologies
    • angelahiatt
      A very powerful one. When we don't feel futuristic to learners we begin to feel irrelevant. We have to work hard to stay two steps ahead.
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