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Contents contributed and discussions participated by ahawthorne


Implementation in Advocacy/Guidanace/Post-Secondary Preparation (Articles) - 1 views

  • I discuss my own experience with the difference between the PLPs used at the Met and the Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) that are commonly used for students with special needs. The importance of creating a supportive link between the student, their family, advisor and mentors in creating a challenging and personalized educational plan for every student is crucial,
    • ahawthorne
      IEP's for all students. Every student should have a plan and a "supportive link" regardless if they are special needs, at risk, or doing fine as a traditional student.

"Personalized" vs. "Personal" Learning - 36 views

  • not about giving students what they want, it’s about a
    • ahawthorne
      This is always a fear of mine. So difficult to not do for them what we really need them to do!
  • recommended learning path just for them.
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