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Kathy Hageman

Free Technology for Teachers: Common Craft Explains Blended Learning - 9 views

    Dare I ask this question in a group of Moodle users? Has anyone had experience using the Otus mobile learning environment?
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    I'm interested to know if the degree that this video matches your vision of blended learning? Where does the description match your thinking? Where did it not match or push your thinking?
    The video does a good job introducing the basics of blended learning, including tools and potential options for implementation. The video does not address the challenges brought about by either inequality of internet access or variables of motivation among students, both of which are serious teacher considerations when planning for blended learning.
    I thought it was interesting that the video included a reference to the 1940s. It is very possible that blended learning is even more key here, not just as it is defined, but because some of the resources to understand that time period are found more easily as physical artifacts and not as digital artifacts. Knowing what you are teaching and linking to the best resource is as important as selecting the instructional plan.
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