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Understanding the Potential (and failures) of MOOCs - 7 views

MOOC Potetial Future

started by ekw1993 on 19 Nov 14
  • ekw1993

    In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, writer Jeffrey Selingo argues that MOOCs have not lived up to their hype, largely because of significant drop-out rates of members. It can be difficult to motivate-oneself, particularly in areas of the world where online courses have the most potential, i.e. regions rampant with strife and lacking formal educational services. For this reason I believe it's important to weave MOOCs with a structured "traditional" educational experience to increase student learning and potential.
  • Becky E
    I absolutely agree with this article. However, I think we are starting to climb out of the "trough of disillusionment". It always takes time for people to recover from reality and expectation not matching up, and as the technology for open access courses advances (and more and more instructors are sharing their experiences with running a MOOC), it can only get better. Aim for the "plateau of productivity"! Which, hopefully, will be a very high plateau.
  • Olga Huertas
    Desde mi experiencia puedo decir que tiene mucho de verdad este articulo, ya que en la actualidad soy tutora virtual de un curso de acceso abierto que imparte una prestigiosa entidad internacional. En este curso el desgranamiento ha sido del 50 %, los participantes no se comprometen, las actividades que se proponen son cumplidas por un bajo numero.
  • franespuig
    Confirmo lo que dice la compañera. Soy docente y convivo con esta realidad

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