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Comments as "post publication peer review" - 2 views

    Sad and interesting situation here, scientist publishes his research, and in the comments, his work is called into question and it costs him a job. Brings into question the integrity of pre-publication peer review, and casts a shadow on the future of comments. Frequently, the comments are made by anonymous users, which itself should be a problem, even if the comment brings to light errors in the research. Now it seems, entire websites have sprung up with the sole purpose of debunking the hard work of others, sometimes needlessly. It's a good read.
    Thank you for sharing. The situation with PubPeer actually encounters problems which are common on internet. As long as one comments anonymously, there are many off-topic and offensive comments. As soon as only registered comments are welcome, there are very few of them or not at all. Besides, one can presume that some scientific communities, even world-wide, are quite small and because of different reasons people do not want to comment under their real names... Another interesting resource to explore.

Student publishing and peer review - 3 views

two newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Student publishing and peer review Link is : and also : http://onlinepublishing.studentrea...

Studentpublishing and peerreview Student publishing peer review open access Knowledge Open module12 Module 12

started by alibabas on 31 Oct 14 no follow-up yet
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