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Becky E

Open Access Publishing Fees - How it works. - 12 views

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started by Becky E on 09 Oct 14
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  • Becky E
    Found this helpful in understanding the economic concerns in Open Access. (if you can't access it here, the article is "Publication Fees in Open Access Publishing:
    Sources of Funding and Factors Influencing
    Choice of Journal" by David J. Solomon and Bo-Christer Bjork).
  • rebeccakah
    Thank you! I haven't read this yet, but hope this will answer some questions that developed in my head while in class discussion.
  • lubajung
    Hey Becky, thank you for sharing this. I find it ironical though that in order to read an article about OA you have to first purchase access to it :) like it was mentioned in the second video lecture of this week.
  • hardikjjoshi
    Hi Becky E, thanks for sharing... I hope in future there wont be any publishing charges...

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