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Alexandra Finch

My Final Project - 5 views

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started by Alexandra Finch on 28 Nov 14
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  • Alexandra Finch
    In my final project, I have formulated two conceptual organizations that utilize peer-to-peer, open source wiki software platforms. The first, "OpenOrg" is a space where individuals, groups and funders can come together to create non-profit organizations. Users can generate ideas in a free, open and collaborative space. Other users and existing organizations can contribute, edit or borrow the concepts for their own causes. This network also connects NGOs with one another to collaborate on similar and complimentary causes. It also creates visibility for those seeking to find causes.

    See my Prezi at:

    The second organization, OPEN_MATH is an open source MOOC that is designed to connect professors, advanced students, and learners of math. Creators can freely create courses and students can customize courses to suit their needs. All content is created under peer-developed guidelines, ensuring a high standard of education. Both students and educators/course creators are given real time feedback with specific algorithms. Anonymous meta-statistics are collected, with permission, to asses the success of the various programs. OPEN_MATH is a social medium as well, by creating a math-minded community; we can facilitate an environment to improve the education of math.

    See my Prezi at
  • Kelly Furey
    Thanks for sharing Alexandra! I really appreciated your presentation in class last week. I think the OpenOrg concept is a great software for NGO's to reach out to the general public for collaborative brainstorming. What a cool way to engage communities across the country!

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