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Evaluation on the resource I shared: The Future of the Library: How They Will Evolve for the Digital Age. - 2 views

started by siyuwang on 04 Dec 14
  • siyuwang
    This article provides a in depth analysis of the future trend of library in the current digital age. According to the author, the rapid development of digital technologies and Internet has changed the way we access information and contributed to openness and abundance of information online. Under such circumstance, library might go in decline, and one day it might even be unnecessary. As the author indicates, "a library without books is unthinkable. Now it seems almost inevitable. Like so many other time-honored institutions of intellectual and cultural life-publishing, journalism, and the university, to name a few-the library finds itself on a precipice at the dawn of a digital era." "Libraries will only survive if the communities they serve want and need them to. It's up to the scholars, makers, and artists, seekers of community, access and safe haven, and above all, readers in the old, human sense of the world, to rise the level of these monuments we've built. "

    I agree with the author's opinion that library will suffer from challenging situations as the rapid develop of information technology in the information age. But I think library won't be replaced because it has its own irreplaceable role. Firstly, though today information is largely access through the Internet, the quality of information online is not guaranteed, thus the library still play a role in providing authorized knowledge and literature. Secondly, though open access of information online has contributed to the abundance and openness of information, its still not fair for particular regions and countries in the world due to digital divide. Thus, government funded public library is necessary in these areas. Thirdly, for seniors and older adults who are not Internet savvy, library is crucial in providing them with abundant information and knowledge. Thus, though stepped into the information age, library still has its irreplaceable role, but it might need to figure out new operating and developing models.

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