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T.J. Edwards

NAIS - One School's Conversation About Open Gradebook - 0 views

    In consideration of NOT having gradebooks open to students 24/7
T.J. Edwards

35 Competency-Based Education Advocacy & Research Organizations - 0 views

    Don't reinvent the CBE wheel. Resources from key researchers. ht @bdroke
Meghan Cureton

Do You have the Personality To Be an Inquiry-Based Teacher? | MindShift - 0 views

  • As education crosses the divide between a transmission model and an inquiry model, a more pressing issue will be apparent: How do we identify, attract, nurture, and train teachers who have an “inquiry-friendly” personality?
  • When a teacher comes out from behind the lectern, leaves the front of the room, kneels beside a student to coach them through a problem, offers feedback designed to promote confidence and perseverance, and becomes a true partner in the learning process, the relationship between teacher and student automatically shifts. It’s no longer about telling; it’s about listening, observing, and creating the channel of trust that opens up a personal connection between two individuals.
  • resiliency studies show that caring relationships are the key factor in helping young people flourish
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  • Emotional interactions between teacher and student drive physiological changes, and thus performance.
  • If an inquiry-based system is to succeed, we’ll need human beings in the classroom who know their field, but who also radiate the kind of positive, non-judgmental love that helps students open their minds and hearts.
  • Every teacher, for example, might reflect on the following:
  • Are you optimistic?
  • Are you open?
  • Are you appreciative?
  • Are you flexible?
  • Are you purposeful?
    Great piece that helps identify key ingredients to effective inquiry teaching and learning #iproject mentor #mustread!
Bo Adams

A Plan to Reorganize the Undergraduate Curriculum | Duke Today - 1 views

  • One building block of the idea is a multidisciplinary team-taught university course called The Duke Experience, which would allow all first-year students to begin their Duke educations with a common educational experience.
    HT John Burk
Blair Peterson

Students to Embark on New Course with New Classes | Colorado Academy - 0 views

  • it will be co-taught by longtime Computer Science teacher Kimberly Jans and English teacher Tom Thorpe.
  • Now some might wonder if Advanced Placement courses are still necessary or desirable at an independent school with a strong record of academic excellence on its own. In other words, does CA need the imprimatur of AP, which is actually under the auspices of the College Board? The answer for me continues to be, “yes.” True, we can offer plenty of very strong, rigorous, college-level courses that are not in any way prescriptive or connected to an outside entity like Advanced Placement. We have numerous examples of such courses in every department. Nevertheless, the structure and challenge of the AP version of college-level courses and the outside validation that come with them do continue to be positive factors for our overall program. Just to be sure we don’t feel unduly pressured, I do check in with every AP teacher on a yearly basis to make sure he or she still feels that the AP curriculum is both good for students and doesn’t make them feel beholden to a certain preset teaching plan. (Incidentally, we dropped AP US History and AP Biology because we answered no to both of those questions. In the meantime, College Board has changed the format of both of those courses, so we will be investigating further.)
  • The fact that is co-taught by two teachers from two different disciplines only heightens the innovative quality of the course, and also speaks to an exciting trend in the Upper School where nearly a dozen courses are now co-taught or team-taught.
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  • country where we have taken students once already and will be going again in May of 2017
  • The Cuba course is offered as a social studies credit by two teachers with extensive backgrounds in Spanish teaching and global travel: Jane Kelly and Daniel Lopez.
  • All three of these courses, along with other recent newcomers such as Tiny House, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, AP Physics C, Contemporary African Literature, and Computer Programming with Greenfoot show the range and diversity of our curriculum. For a school of our size this is a remarkable breadth.
Blair Peterson

STEMM - 0 views

Blair Peterson

No grades, no timetable: Berlin school turns teaching upside down | World news | The Gu... - 0 views

  • Yet some educational experts question whether the school’s methods can easily be exported: in Berlin, they say, the school can draw the most promising applicants from well-off and progressive families.
    • Blair Peterson
      This is one example of how people explain away the benefits of a new paradigm. This then keeps people from embracing the a new paradigm and the positives that can come from adopting that new paradigm.
  • However, even Rasfeld admits that finding teachers able to adjust to the school’s learning methods can be harder than getting students to do the same.
  • One in Berlin’s Weissensee district recently let a student trek across the Alps for a challenge project. “Things are only getting started,” says Rasfeld.
Blair Peterson

How college admissions has turned into something akin to 'The Hunger Games' - The Washi... - 1 views

  • The message we inadvertently send: A prestige acceptance is better than a joyful childhood.
  • The reality of “Hunger Games” comes closer to the truth, where students battle to survive in application pools seeming to demand perfection.
    • Blair Peterson
      Based on the College Board report that shows that, overall, high school student grades have been increasing over time and there is a discrepancy between grades in AP courses and the scores earned on the exam, it seem that everyone is under pressure for students to earn high grades to get into college. Add the Hope scholarship and this is an added incentive.
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  • The more applicants a school can deny and the more accepted students who enroll, the higher ranked a college is. 
  • Only the most confident and secure students — or perhaps hardened — emerge unscathed, those who despite the pressure and hostile odds, can remain true to their interests, values and sense of self. 
  • Refuse to play the game and allow it to change you.  Don’t become an unrecognizable, packaged “monster.” 
  • … embrace high school for the experience that it is without making every decision about the impact on college admission.
Bo Adams

What Do Parents Think About Online Gradebooks? - The Atlantic - 0 views

    "data dashboards that "
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