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Gamze Çetinkaya

The End - 14 views

started by Gamze Çetinkaya on 23 Jan 13
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  • Gamze Çetinkaya
    Since final grades have been announced, now I can write my ideas related to this semester. I did not want to write before because sometimes it can be misunderstood when you say them before grading. :)))

    I really enjoyed being a member of this lesson. It was a great semester and class. I would like to thank all of you for everything, especially to our instructor, Evrim Baran. Now I have a huge theories of instruction folder with all of our readings and presentation materials which will be a great source for my future studies. I must say I did not think I will learn that much at the beginning of the semester but now I am glad that I took this course.

    I hope we will meet in another class in the future.

    Happy holidays!
  • Erdem Uygun
    I underline every word that Gamze used for her interpretation of the course. May be we can continue posting interesting stuff here. Besides, members of the group might be increased by giving membership to new comers of the course without unregistration of old members, if grading track of new comers would not be difficult, of course.
  • Evrim Baran
    Erdem, I plan to use the same Diigo group next year. So, if you keep being enrolled in this group, you will get new updates from the students enrolled in this class in the future.

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