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Erdem Uygun

School of Rock (2003) - 2 views

    A movie that has so much fun. It provides some lessons to be learnt by educators as well. Recommended.
    I watched this. Fun!
Burcu Korkusuz

Private courses & schools versus government schools - 2 views

    There must be a balance between private & government schools!
    Since I started my school education,I have witnessed this problem. Unfortunately it is getting worse. How come a government cannot provide satisfactory education and instruction to its people and children? How dare to push them to pay more and fulfill their own education? Turning the private courses into private schools do not change anything. And as usual, teachers and the students are worst affected from th situation.
    Changing dershanes to private schools is not a solution to provide better education to society for free. The only change is that you can go to private schools with bursary or half-bursary. It means that they just moderated the money transaction. In addition, they will make teachers take exams throughout their careers which is actually not related to the conversion process. Therefore, the attempt to make dershanes extinct is a starting move that can be supported but these private schools should be converted to public schools in order to provide a high-quality education to all children for free. That is one of the most primary duties of the governments.
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