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Burcu Korkusuz

Instructional Design & Learning Theories - 0 views

    In this link you can find brief information about the theories we reviewed so far, their comparison, weaknesses or strenghts, atomic theory as well as some brief knowledge about theorists. This may be useful for completing the table. :)))
Hatice Çilsalar

Behaviorism - 3 views

    As we mentioned about the foundations of theories, I have read an article about behaviorism and I want to share with you. This article is especially for Bilge.:)
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    Thank you Hatice, I will be more open to articles that are telling the stories behind the theories, approaches and even philosophies.
    Thanks for sharing Hatice. This is a good one and from our own Faculty of Education. Put that in my reading list.
    :((( I couldn't open it
    Dear Canan, I uploaded pdf format on moddle under the title of reading reflection part of Behaviorism week. You can dowload from there. Have a good reading.. :)

The Chorus (2004) - FILM - 0 views

    Dear friends, I strongly recommend you to watch this film. It is about a school (like hababam sınıfı). You will see different approaches against students. Examples of radical behaviorism and in part constructivism can be found. It will be enjoying to watch and contrast these two approaches. Besides educational aspects, this film is so touching. Please, prepare your handkerchiefs :) Original language: French Subtitle: English Link to watch: (click to "free" option)
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    I found a youtube link!: (full movie)
    Dinçer, I will watch it this week!
Erdem Uygun

Bad Examples of Behaviorism - 0 views

  • I once visited a Spanish classroom in a High School where I observed one of the most ineffective uses of a “Token Economy” that I had ever seen. In this case, students were so concerned with getting their “Pesos” that they lost all interest in the topic (which was suppsedly why they were getting them in the first place). The teacher himself spent large portions of class time debating with the students over whether or not they deserved “Pesos”.
    A text that I found while searching for something else. It was fun to read it.
Gamze Çetinkaya

A comparison video - 3 views

  • A brief overview of theoretical perspectives, learning theory, and instructional theory.
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